How To Customize WordPress Blog Settings

By | February 28, 2017

Inorder to Customize WordPress Blog Settings,

Login to your wordpress dashboard, and

  1. Go to Settings  ->General,
  2. Change the “title” and “tag line” and choose your time zone.
  3. Go to Settings->Permalinks and choose “post name” in “common settings”
  4. When you are publishing post or a page content, click on the “toolbar toggle” icon to get more editing options
  5. To change menu title/label, go to Appearance->Menus .
  6. In menu structure, click on the arrow on the right.
  7. Change the menu name in the “navigation label” as you want.
  8. Create sub menus by dragging and dropping the page , below the menu name you want, aligning it to right of the main menu.

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