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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Let us try to understand why social media marketing is important, its characteristics, communities and content. Social Media marketing is important because Target audience in there, huge market is there. So businesses or brands spend huge amounts Opportunity to Connect with people with similar interests Social Media accounts for 28% of all media time spent… Read More »

Facebook Glossary Of Terms And EdgeRank Algorithm

Reach/Engagement/Impressions/clicks/Mentions/Tags: Reach: Reach is total unique views. If 10 people view a video, then reach=10. Impressions: Impressions= total views If 10 people see a post twice then impressions =  10×2 = 20. Engagement: All clicks with a social component/implication are engagements Likes or shares or  comments or mentions or tags are considered as engagements. So… Read More »