Facebook Glossary Of Terms And EdgeRank Algorithm

By | March 1, 2017

facebook glossary of termsReach/Engagement/Impressions/clicks/Mentions/Tags:


Reach is total unique views.

If 10 people view a video, then reach=10.


Impressions= total views

If 10 people see a post twice then impressions =  10×2 = 20.


All clicks with a social component/implication are engagements

Likes or shares or  comments or mentions or tags are considered as engagements.

So if a post has 2 likes then engagement = 2.


Mention means when you mention a brand or profile name etc… in your post.


Tag mean when you tag a brand or profile name in your picture.


Clicking a video/clicking the brand page link are pure clicks without social impact.

Types of ads on facebook:

There are 2 types of ads on facebook

  1. Ads on timeline called sponsored story or promoted content
  2. Sidebar Ad / ads on right side.

EdgeRank Algorithm:

facebook glossary of terms

Facebook used this algorithm to decide who sees what (which posts a person is more likely to see)

Todays news feed algorithm of facebook takes into account 100,000 parameters, to decide who see what( posts).


Any social activity (Post/like/comment/share etc..) is edge.

Affinity score:

If A likes most of the B’s posts, affinity is high between A and B. so, whenever B pushes a post, A is most likely to see B’s post.

Weight :

weight for new post , comment, like,share, tag etc….

Post has got more weight than comment. So the probability of A seeing a post is more than he seeing a post his friend liked.

Time Decay:

Newer the post, probability of seeing it is higher.

Story Bumping:

If a post has lot of traction, highly engaging, and if facebook thinks it is going to be relevant even if it is a older post ,it is shown to lot of people.

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