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Main Differences Between Target CPA and Enhanced CPC

Below are the main differences between Target CPA and Enhanced CPC: If your main advertising goal is getting conversions (like sales, signups, or mobile app downloads), then Target CPA bidding can help automatically get more conversions for your budget. It can also help you get more sales while paying less for the clicks that lead… Read More »

4 Reasons Why Your Ad Got Multiple Clicks From Same IP Address

Multiple Clicks From Same IP Address don’t necessarily suggest invalid activity. There are several possible reasons why this happens: Return visits:Individuals may click your ad more than once when comparison shopping or returning to your site for more information. Shared IP addresses:Multiple clicks from a single source may be due to an Internet Service Provider… Read More »

Google Adwords Invalid Clicks Traffic

Invalid clicks Invalid traffic refers to clicks and impressions on AdWords ads that we suspect aren’t the result of genuine customer interest. Examples of invalid traffic include clicks and impressions performed by automated tools, as well as accidental clicks – for instance, if someone double clicks your ad. Google don’t charge you for invalid clicks and… Read More »

How To Calculate Adwords Conversion Value or Value Per Conversion

Adwords Conversion Value Or Value Per Conversion: Value-per-conversion is the amount of expected profit or value you gain from each conversion. If you can estimate value-per-conversion for a given product or service, it’s a useful benchmark to define the upper limit that you can invest in advertising per conversion before becoming unprofitable. CPA Targets: CPA… Read More »