Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

By | March 1, 2017

Let us try to understand why social media marketing is important, its characteristics, communities and content.

Social Media marketing is important because

Why social media marketing is Important

  • Target audience in there, huge market is there.
  • So businesses or brands spend huge amounts
  • Opportunity to Connect with people with similar interests
  • Social Media accounts for 28% of all media time spent online
  • Projected ad spend for 2017 is $41 bn
  • 16% of all digital ad spends is on facebook
  • Space between digital media and social media is diminishing
  • Remarketing can be done

What is Social Media

Is social media a market or a medium ?

  • It is unique and  different from all other mediums put together
  • It is medium and a market too
  • For Example: Sell someone on facebook through facebook, Reach out someone on twitter through twitter etc…

Characteristics of Social Media

  • Visibililty = reach
  • Relevance= effectiveness
  • Credibility=impact

Visibility and relevance is there on all media.

Electronic Word Of Mouth

Credibility through Electronic Word of mouth(eWOM) is important factor and unique to social media .

Electronic word of mouth  like  a positive or negative reference  to a brand by a friend or someone you trust ,will have a great impact on someone planning to buy it.

Estimated number of social media users in millions:

  1. Facebook: 1320 (Approx. more than 100M in India)
  2. Google+: 343 (33 M in India)
  3. Linkedin: 300 (26M  in India)
  4. Twitter: 271
  5. Tumblr: 230

Building Communities with Great Content:

Social media is all about communities – creating,nurturing and growing communities

Communities are people with similar interests or like minded people or people you are interested in

Example :Facebook page /profile/group are all communities interested in a brand or person or a interest/purpose etc…

Social media is all about building communities with great content

People follow a profile page /business/group mainly because of the Content .

Content is what make more and  more people see your post/page and interact with you through your post

Building communities is all about engaging people with effective content.

Content makes your business and communities grow.

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