How To Self Host A Website Or Blog By Installing WordPress

By | February 28, 2017

how to self host a websiteSelf Hosting a website or a blog is lot easier for non techies with Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla etc…

WordPress is the most used CMS in the world, contributing for 25% of the websites on Internet

Requirements for Self hosting a website:

  1. Domain name ( Your Website name)
  2. Host server (A Server to host your web pages

Link your domain name with your host server:

In your domain registration account , go to “Manage DNS” and update the name servers details.

Name server details are available  from the account info mail you got from your hosting account.

Setting your Cpanel:

In your hosting account,

  • login to cpanel
  • go to Databases and
  • open My SQL database wizard
  • Create databasename, username and username password
  • give all privileges to the user

How to Install WordPress:

visit and download the wordpress file

  • Rename “wp-config-sample.php” to “wp-config.php”
  • open the wp-config.php file in text format and update the following
    • database name
    • User name
    • Database user password
    • Update Authentication Unique Keys and Salts from the link:
    • give unique prefix to your database table name: update table_prefix with your custom name

For Uploading the wordpress files to your Hosting server, download  and install free file transfer  software by name “filezilla client” from

How to configure Filezilla:

how to self host a website

  • go to file menu and select site manager option
  • in the host field enter your domain name or give your server IP address
  • choose ftp protocol
  • in protocol choose plain ftp
  • choose logon type: normal or ask for password
  • and enter your cpanel username and password
  • and connect

Now upload all the wordpress files into “public_html folder”

Enter your domain in browser and follow the simple steps and you will get the WordPress dashboard

Now choose  your themes and plugins  and start  writing your posts and publish them.

Search in Google for best Themes and plugins for wordpress and install one which you find is good

Hope this info is helpful . I will further elaborate about themes, plugins and other steps in my further blogs. pls. feel free to email me for any queries.

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how to self host a website

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