Content Marketing Best Practices

By | March 1, 2017

Increase your user engagement through the following content marketing best practices

  • Focus on people over sales/marketing in your page.
  • Share stuff that people would like to feel it as their own and share.
  • Proper timing is important for good reach.
  • Build content based on trends.
  • Ask simple questions to increase engagement.
  • Upload videos on facebook itself.
  • Creative posts has more reach.
  • Use images with less text(20% or less).
  • Use topical content /theme based content linked with festivals/current affairs for brand connect

Content Marketing Examples:

Zomato Campaign:

Content Marketing Best practicesThis campaign has got around 90k likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

This campaign is not about zomato , its about it community who are vegitarians .

Vegetarians who feel the content as their own feelings and who sympathise with the communication, engages with the content and made this campaign a success.

Nokia Lumia Campaign:

Content Marketing Best practicesThe Nokia Lumia campaign succeeded because it used a combination of factors like Diwali festival, exchange offer, creative images which attracted customer attention, created interest and call to action to buy the mobile.

Timing of the offer along with other ads like tv ads increased the success of the campaign.

Nokia’s Lumia campaign reached 31 million Indians, increasing brand awareness and sales for the range.

The campaign delivered:

  • 18,420 devices sold as a direct result of Nokia’s Facebook Ad investment
  • 54X return on ad spend
  • 15% increase in the adoption rate of Nokia Lumia devices by people exposed to the Facebook Ads. This figure was over 30% for existing fans of Nokia.
  • 5% ad recall rate
  • 3% lift in the purchase intent of a Nokia Lumia device among people who were already planning to buy a new phone

Content Marketing Strategy:

Brand connect with regards to Current Affairs/Topical content along with nice Ad creatives will reap in rich benefits with lots of customer engagements.

Keep observing successful brands like, Cornetto, Titan etc… to get more insights into content marketing best practices

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